Saturday, May 9, 2015

Hello... A brand new start!

Hello everyone, so I have finally decided to create a blog to showcase photos of Singapore; architecture, food and snippets of my life as I realized that having an Instagram account alone is not enough for me to share my photos especially when I have so many of them.

A preview of some of the photos that you can expect to see on either this blog or Instagram would be like the following photos:

Reflections at Keppel Bay

I have an ambitious plan of making this space into an informative online platform, where I blog about food, buildings and places in Singapore etc, so watch out for more contents in the near future!

Back alley of Haji Lane

Depending on my mood and if time permits, I may edit my photos if not they will be presented to you in their raw form.

Remember to visit this blog if you want to see some "exclusive" photos as not all photos make it onto my Instagram.

In the mean time do check out My Instagram Account and you can reach me via my email at or you can add me on Snap Chat at robin.binbin

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