Friday, June 19, 2015

Guide Me To Your Hood #4: Portsdown

Hello again!

Today I will be blogging about an initiative started by my fellow Instagrammer/neighbor/friend: Ben.

This initiative is called "Guide Me To Your Hood" where by an Instagrammer guides other Instagrammers to his or her neighborhood and discover hidden gems in Singapore. We then take photos and get to know more about the place as well. This Guide Me To Your Hood has since come a long way, with Bishan, Marsiling and Lavender being the previous neighborhoods that were being explored. The neighborhood featured in today's post is Portsdown Road or Wessex Estate.

Photo Credit: Ben

Also known as ‘Little Bohemia’, the peaceful neighborhood of Portsdown is also an artistic community with 26 blocks of black and white colonial-styled apartments and bungalows, housing art galleries and photography studios. These houses were built more than 50 years ago and they used to be the homes of British soldiers and their families from the 1950s to the early 1970s.
 Ben is introducing us to our guide - Oli

We started our journey at One North, which is about a 15 minutes walk away from our end point but to Instagrammers, with so many distractions, that 15 minutes walk could easily become a few hours.

Instagrammers braving the hot sun!

This proves that foodies (Eileen) can take other types of photos as well!

It's look up season!

Going down!


Well hello there! That's Jeremiah posing for me! Below is the after edit photo! Well, I love my photos to be minimal especially when it comes to the sky, clean with no clouds.

This was what greeted us at the rooftop of the building!



In case if you are wondering where I got my outfit from, the sweat pants is from Talad Rod Fai in Bangkok, 300 Baht and my T Shirt is from Seed (Malaysia) at RM39.




Busy strangers!

So Xin Yee was trying to channel Pocahontas 


NG #2

And she nailed it!

At the Sandcrawler

Lucasfilm’s Singapore facility, The Sandcrawler is named after the classic Star Wars transport and it is a state-of-the-art complex housing animation offices, eight floors of office space, retail shopping, and a 100-seat theater; lush gardens, trees, and dense foliage accent its modern exterior.

A shot by the talented Ben


So we were done with exploring One-North and decided to take a bus to head towards Portsdown Road.

Haha, a random shot of AJ sitting under the tree!

A bus full of Instagrammers, and no we didn't charter the bus! 

Photo Credit: Oli

A couple that we came across while exploring the area. They were certainly enjoying themselves while being the subjects of many Instagrammers!

The abandoned water tower

Featuring: Qi Rong

And that's Ian

Making full use of the shadows!



Oli with her adorable Pug, Molly, do search the hashtag #SelamatPuggy to see more photos of her

Photo Credit: Ben

How can we not end the day with a group shot?

Tomorrow will be the next installment of the #GuideMeToYourHood Series and we will be heading to Irene's hood at Pasir Ris. 

If you want to see more photos just search for the hashtags on Instagram #GuideMeToYourHood, #GuideMeToBishan, #GuideMeToMarsiling, #GuideMeToLavender, #GuideMeToPortsdown and look out for #GuideMeToPasirRis

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